Sick & Shut-in
​​Sister Josie Campfield

Deacon Lillie Hailstock
Sister Dorothy Johnson
​Sister Dianne Jones
Deaconess Charlesetta Pagan
​Sister Merle Watson Thomas

Prayer List

Brother Carl Baty
Sister Barbara Brown

Brother Anthony Barnes
Sister Lownello (Lolo) Brown
​Sister Valerie Carter
Sister Susie Coren
​Sister Tonita Yazbek
Keith Freeman - Brother of Sister Concetta Johnson
Arthur Henderson - Brother of Deaconess Gwendolyn Ferguson
Ms. Leola Walker - Mother of Sister Jennifer Collins

Ki'mani Sherrod and Family - Granddaughter of Sister Vivian Cunningham
Amanda Warren - Daughter of Sister Chris Barnes

Praise Report

Sister Tonita Yazbek recovers from the coronavirus​.
​Sister Lownello (Lolo) Brown continues to recovers from surgery.


We extend our sympathy to Brother Carl Davis and family as they mourn the passing of his brother, Randy Davis.  Randy was a resident of Dorchester.

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