Sick & Shut-in
​​Sister Josie Campfield

Deacon Lillie Hailstock
Sister Dorothy Johnson
​Sister Dianne Jones
​Sister Merle Watson Thomas
Sister Fannie Sanders
Brother Alfred Street

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Prayer List

Brother Carl Baty
Sister Lownello (Lolo) Brown
​Sister Valerie Carter

Sister Jennifer Collins
Sister Susie Coren
Sister Wanda Crayton
Sister Wanda Crayton' Son: Peter Crayton

Sister Vivian Cunningham's Sisters: Leona Alford and Brenda Cunningham
Sister Beverly DePina's Husband: Manny DePina

Sister Holly Dow
Rev. Dr. Remona Farley Taylor & Family
Deacon Earnest Ferguson
Deaconess Gwendolyn Ferguson
Shirley Gooding-Green and Richard Green
Sister Zhane (Muffin) Hamilton

Sister Sybill Phillips & Family
Sister Concetta Johnson's Brother: Keith Freeman
Sister Barbara Johnson's Nephew, Justin Shelton
Sister Rita Lungelow's Brothers: Michael and
Roy Lungelow

Sister Geraldine Sims' Family
Sister Gwendolyn Springer's Grandson: LeVar Springer
Deacon Sherman Womack Brothers: Alphonse (Al), George, and Gregory Womack
Deacon Sherman Womack
Sister Tonita Yazbak



Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.  

Matthew 5:4 (NRSV)