Sick & Shut-in


Deacon Lillie Hailstock
Sister Dorothy Johnson
​Sister Dianne Jones
Sister Fannie Sanders
Brother Alfred Street

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Prayer List

The Barnes Family
Brother Carl Baty

Sister Valerie Carter

Sister Jennifer Collins and her Mother, Leola Walker

Sister Susie Coren

Sister Wanda Crayton and Son, Peter Crayton

Sister Vivian Cunningham & Cousins: Brenda Cunningham & Janice Swain

Sister Beverly DePina's Husband, Manny DePina

Sister Doris Gray & Family
Shirley Gooding-Green & Richard Green

Sister Sybill Phillips & Family

Sister Barbara Johnson's Nephew, Justin Shelton
Sister Concetta Johnson's Brother, Keith Freeman
Sister Dorothy Johnson & Family

Sister Rita Lungelow's Brothers, Michael and Roy Lungelow

Brother Mark Mackin's Sister, Nicole Williams
Sister Geraldine Sims' Family

Sister April Sutton

Sister Bettye Ward's Brother, Elwyn Quarles

Deacon Sherman Womack

Sister Tonita Yazbak

Bereavement Notices


  • Sister Barbara Bryant and her family in the loss of her Uncle, Mellis Lee Franks, of Dorchester

  • Sister Patricia Stewart and her family for the loss of her Sister, Catherine Benjamin Peoples, of Alabama

  • Sister Lownello (Lolo) Brown and her family for the loss of her Sister, Monalisa Hayes, of South Carolina, and Aunt, Reba Climes, Alabama

The Metropolitan Baptist Church Family extends its deepest sympathy to members who have lost love ones:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.  

Matthew 5:4 (NRSV)