Sick & Shut-in
​​Sister Josie Campfield

Deacon Lillie Hailstock
Sister Dorothy Johnson
​Sister Dianne Jones
​Sister Merle Watson Thomas

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Prayer List

Brother Carl Baty
​Sister Valerie Carter

Sister Jennifer Collins
Sister Susie Coren
Sister Wanda Crayton
Sister Brenda Lowe
Sister Diane Lowe
Sister Sybill Phillips & Family
Shirley Gooding-Green and Richard Green

Rev. Dr. Remona Farley Taylor & Family
​Peter Crayton - Son of Sister Wanda Crayton

Manny DePina - Husband of Sister Beverly DePina &
Father of Sister Nicole Depina Shuler
Keith Freeman - Brother of Sister Concetta Johnson

Roy Lungelow - Brother of Sister Rita Lungelow

Mildred Shelton - Sister of Sister Barbara Johnson
LeVar Springer - Grandson of Sister Gwendolyn Springer

Ms. Leola Walker - Mother of Sister Jennifer Collins

The Family of Sister Vivian Cunningham: sisters Leona Alford and
Brenda Cunningham, and cousin Clyde Cunningham,
who grieves the passing of his wife, Shelia.

The Family of Sister Geraldine Simms

Praise Report

​Brother Anthony Barnes back at work.

Sister Barbara Brown's recovery from a stroke.

Sister Lownello (Lolo) Brown continues to recovers from surgery.

Sister Jennifer Collins & Family recovery from the coronavirus.

Brother Justin Shelton's recovery from surgery.

Sister April Sutton's recovery from cononavirus.

Rev. Jason Sutton's recovery from surgery and back at work.

Sister Tonita Yazbek recovery from the coronavirus​.



It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of
Sister Diane Lowe on June 9th. Diane was the daughter of Sister
Dorothy Johnson and the sister of Sister Brenda Lowe and Sister
Voncile Lowe.  

Further information will be upcoming.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.  

Matthew 5:4 (NRSV)

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