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Metropolitan Baptist Church (THE MET) aims to be the meeting and melding community of traditional and contemporary spirituality.  We are an intergenerational church where our ancestors’ and aging generations’ wisdom and rituals, that helped them survive the midnight of our people’s journey in this nation, are connected to and embraced by the transformative and innovative energy and intellect of this day’s adult, young adult, youth and children’s striving after God.
The Met is not a place, but a people.  We gather in a place to refuel and reenergize in worship, study, and fellowship in preparation to fulfill our mission to love and serve in the world.  Following the teaching and example of Jesus, the Christ of God, we believe that this commitment to love and service gives expression to our fundamental yearning for authentic human life. The Met, then, becomes an environment where the power of God is seen in our actions and the presence of God is felt in our service.
Metropolitan is at its core a church. Hence it is a community of people among whom the priestly and prophetic dimensions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and shared, entreating people into a new and gracious relationship with God, and declaring the reality of truth, justice, and peace against the divisive and illusory permanence of corruption, deceit and evil in the world, in our nation and in our communities. 
We welcome you to join us in this movement of God to love and serve, and thereby, to demonstrate God’s ultimate victory over all that works to oppress.  
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